BIM For Cost Estimating Enables Better Use of Material Resources

If you are searching out for reliable services regarding BIM for cost estimating, BIM 4D(BIM 4D Construction Simulation) Services can provide you with the required methodologies and techniques for the accurate cost estimation of your different major and minor projects.

BIM for Cost Estimating

Our well experienced team of engineers and BIM consultants makes use of the cloud based cost estimating and management software tools in order to foster a greater functional coordination between the different team members associated with the building projects.

Determining the costs of a building project right from the initial stages allows the project team members to outline all the other associated tasks such as the material quantity calculations, defining the building construction strategies and the various architectural project visualization strategies. 
"We assure our clients of the timely cost estimation services, so that they don’t get hanged up in the crucial stages of the projects."

Clients Can Get Access to the Following BIM for Cost Estimating Services at BIM 4D Services:
  1. Accurate quantity takeoff in a short interval of time through integration of 2D and 3D data in a better way
  2. Examinations of the three dimensional building models for cost estimation
  3. Keeping track of the project design modifications and calculation of the respective costs
  4. Creation of the multiple versions of the cost plans as per the degree of project design changes

BIM 4D Services offers model based cost estimating services to the clients belonging to different types of projects.

As different projects are associated with varied cost structures, our BIM consultants implement the appropriate strategies in order to perfectly suit the project.

Clients Can Get Access to the Following Benefits at BIM 4D Services:
  1. Accurate cost estimation, leading to accurate quantity survey
  2. Access to detailed reports of the modeled materials
  3. Effective compliance with the project budget structures of the clients without compromise in quality
  4. Fast turnaround time of the services

All our cost estimate outputs can effectively be transferred among the different projects and thus clients can get effective help for their future projects in the pipeline. Moreover, our cost estimates exhibit a better interoperability with the other BIM software functionality.

Architects and construction planners can easily perform a matching study between the components in the estimate forms and their respective elements in the project models. 

To perform BIM for cost estimating, we make use of software packages such as Revit, Bentley 3D, Autodesk Navisworks, Auto CAD, Tekla (Xsteel), ArchiCAD, Auto desk Vector works, 3DS Max etc.