Using BIM for Validating MEP Design

MEP design validation aids in reducing construction costs and change orders. If you are seeking for a BIM service provider to validate your MEP design it is important to know the kind of services they provide and how well do they adhere to BIM standard and codes. To understand the importance of MEP design validation, let’s look at the services they deliver and assess the one that fits your requirements to minimize errors and reduce costs.

Design validation for electrical system 

Electrical design with BIM tools like Revit is validated with constructions documents and RFI reports. These are inclusive of DB schedule, Load balancing, lighting illumination and generating automatic report.

Design validation for mechanical system 

Mechanical design services involve validation of equipment capacity with schedules and plan facilities. The services also include calculating HVAC loads, pipe and duct sizing as well as equipment selection. Mechanical design validation is useful for mechanical contractors in resolving challenges related to construct-ability and make the workflow seamless.

We delivered MEP BIM modeling and clash detection for mechanical systems design for a plant room in Europe. The clash free MEP model helped the client validate the design against general arrangement drawings prior to actual installation. This minimized the errors and allowed the client to handover the project to its end customer within the promised deadline.

Design validation for plumbing 

Plumbing design validation services are adopted to ensure seamless piping installation and functioning. It helps in reviewing plumbing systems prior to on-site installation. It primarily includes pipe sizing and layout, calculation of pump head along with development of drainage system layout.

For one of our clients in Australia we delivered clash free model for plumbing and hydronic systems. It enabled the client to determine schedule and quantities, as the clash free model provided required details about plumbing and hydronic systems. This provided seamless construction on-site, resulting in faster project execution.

If you are looking for the right MEP BIM services for your Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design validation, reach out to us at Hi-tech has served MEP contractors, MEP firms, and construction companies across Europe, Middle East, UK, USA and Australia for MEP BIM solutions.