BIM Revit Family Creation for Components across MEP, Architectural and Structural Disciplines

"Revit Family creation for BIM, allows experts to build native families ‘these families include development of components across MEP, architectural and structural disciplines’, which are essential for a project to run seamlessly."

The structural elements include rebar, columns, beams and other similar equipments, while the Architectural elements include families for doors, windows, furniture, walls, stairs etc.

A Revit 3D BIM is created using these Revit family creations for BIM, and each family is categorized into elements that have similar size, material type and other parametric variables. Any change to a family type results in instant change across all the elements of that family.

Revit software contains predefined families, and users can also create custom families with specific properties and parameters as desired to suite project purpose. This process helps create a centralized building data management system, which in turn helps improve the quality of BIM.

Revit Family Creation Can Be Bifurcated Into Three Primary Categories:

System Families: These are used for creating building basic structural elements like walls, ceilings, floors, columns, stairs etc. these families are defined in Revit architecture and cannot be loaded in projects from external files, and neither can these families be used outside the project outlines.

Loadable Families: Loadable families are created for architectural elements like doors, windows, fixtures, furniture etc. These files can be created in .rfa files and then loaded into your project at any time when required.

In Place Families: This includes creation of specific and unique BIM elements for an AEC project. When an in place element is used, a new families created in Revit for that particular element. Multiple type creation for this element is not possible; however, the same element can be used across the projects at various instances.

Revit families for BIM can be created from scratch by feeding all the requisite details, an existing family can also be modified and customized as per requirement – for this experts might import a template for say doors, and then modify the specification as per the project requisites;besides, ready made families can be used right away if the requirements are basic and can be fulfilled by existing Revit family.

Creating Advanced Families in Revit, helps develop a high quality BIM. Such type of family creation not only speeds up the project coordination and management process but also increases project efficiency and helps cut down the project costs.

BIM 4D Services offers a comprehensive range of Revit family creation services for BIM to its global clientele across the countries of US, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE. The companies wide range of project expertise includes family creation for structural and architectural components, custom and specialty content, MEP components, Legends and title blocks etc to name a few.